‘Playing the film’: ‘running the film’, ‘streaming film’

Performing/playing with the film by way of running cream down 16mm clear leader.

The stream of cream starts at the top at the beginning and the film ends when the stream of cream gets to the bottom.

Film Stream is projected onto the wall by way of it’s shadow that runs down the wall.

The shadow is a negative of the thing itself. The cream on the film strip looks white on the shadow it is dark.

The shadow is a copy of the thing itself rather than being a sign of something else. The shadow presents the cream as emulsion and the film strip, rather than looking to represent something else.

‘Stream’ consists of working with 350mm (cling) film by way of hanging the film from the top of an interior wall to the floor, then using a scientific pipette to drop cream onto the film, allowing it to form a down-stream along the film.

The origin of the word emulsion is ‘to milk’, and in ‘Stream’ I use cream formed and taken from milk as a raw malleable mode of emulsion to be used on film.

The dynamic agency of the cream as an emulsion material with its downward movement and including its drying process, shapes the film around the stream of cream forming in a sense a valley landscape.  In other words the weight of the cream as it runs down the middle of the film causes the film to start to fold. There is a point where the cling film is folded in half by the cling film. This movement of the film as it gets shaped by the cream takes about twenty minutes.

Super polymers work as long strings of monomer individual units linked together. They are somewhere between a liquid and a solid. the long molecule chains allow the liquid to pull itself from a container.The strings in the liquid in a container act like coiled ropes, the weight of the string that is the super polymer as it is poured out of the container will pull the remaining coiled string in the liquid in the container. The result being the liquid pulls itself out of the container. Polyethylene glycol has a high molecular weight — about 1 million. Water has a molecular weight of about 18

polyethylene oxide polymer