Form Finding of Milk Emulsion

What form/shape does emulsion take itself? What shape does emulsion shape itself into?

The idea for this work was to do it through form finding methods, whereby the structure itself defines its own shape based on its figure of equilibrium under various forces. Form-finding shapes rely on the structure and loads themselves for definition.

The idea was to look at the form that globules of milk would take by pouring it onto a plastic base and letting it find it’s own shape and to do this numerous times and to put the resultant series of images into a stop motion animation. So that the form finding would occur by way of the process of animation.

I set up a makeshift rostrum camera by placing two lengths of timber stretching across two shelving units facing opposite each other in my back studio. For the base I used a black plastic folder – the sort of thing you might put drawings into – split it open and taped it onto a table to give a flat black surface.

‘Cravendale semi-skimmed filtered milk’ has the ability to come away from the plastic base and to start to work as a flat object if only a very fragile object.