Casein Filmrun


Items used for Caesin Film Run:

– a 3 row cinematic light box
– a silicone spatula
– the curd gained from milk by way of heat and vinegar


Allowing the Casein itself literally to transform over the course of 10/11 days. I’ve always been interested in Basinski’s ‘Disintegration Tapes’ but always uncertain about the idea of decay. Rather seeing it as transformation shifting from one thing into another such as the shift from night into day and then into night again, etc. In a sense there is no fixed point, instead a shift between two things.

The interesting thing about McCall’s ‘Long Film for Ambient Light’ is that it feels like a shift between two states on the one hand you have the naked electric light bulb which comes into prominence during the night and then as the sun comes up you have the sun light taking prominence. With the two types of light interacting with each other over the course of two days with the canvas that McCall placed over the windows acting as an interface between the two kinds of light.

An important part of McCall’s ‘Long Film for Ambient Light’ is his statement that includes McCall’s belief that the photograph or rather the idea of a static image is absurd.



This film sits deliberately on a threshold, between being considered a work of movement and being considered a static condition. Formalist art criticism has continued to maintain a stern, emphatic distinction between these two states, a division that I consider absurd. Everything that occurs, including the (electro- chemical) process of thinking, occurs in time. 

Interview: Formalist Cinema and Politics

Author(s): Anthony McCall and Gautam Dasgupta

Source: Performing Arts Journal, Vol. 1, No. 3 (Winter, 1977), pp. 51-61

Published by: Performing Arts Journal, Inc

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With Casein Filmrun what becomes of equal importance are the cracks that form and open up within the material with rhythms appearing and disappearing. Just as in Basinski’s ‘Disintegration Tapes’ the crackles and spaces become important and increase as the loops continue to play. The silences become important in this sense.

The piece shifts from one thing into another thing through the material undergoing it’s own process of change.

The conventional thought is that mechanical just relates to machinery or the working parts of something for instance the mechanics of a camera or projector. And that it is a term that relates to the industrial and mechanization. It relates to more than this, in terms of mathematics it relates to dealing with motion and forces producing motion. In physics it relates to that area of physics that deals with the action of forces on bodies and the resultant motion.

The point being that all active matter has mechanics. If a material is active then it is moving. If film can be defined as a thin strip of material and it consists of active/moving matter. Does this make it a moving image?

Process of spreading the polymer curd onto the light box.

Day 1 – Same day as when curd first applied to lightbox

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

After 6 Days

After 8 Days

After 10 Days